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November 7, 2009 - Long time no update! (sorry guys)

So far 2009 has been quite a busy year for me. Business has never been better and our main businesses are expanding nicely. The funding I am saving will help get my true passion off the ground (FREEBAY).

So here is where we stand at this time. We have three things which are delaying us to launch.

1) Lawsuit(s) - the minute we launch, the 800 pound gorilla will have at us...

2) Time - with all the projects currently going on in the year of 2009, it has made our time really limited to focus in projects we'd really like to focus in, like FREEBAY!

3) Money - well, I have "x" amount however how much it would cost for us to develop, market and manage "PROPERLY" is an amount I currently do not have.

I am currently in search for another domain that will take #1 off the list. With a new name, I can also scratch #2 off the list as majority of the time wouldn't have to be spent with lawyers protecting the FREEBAY name.

I have searched many prospective domains which can be used in reference to what I am trying to do. Either the domain is not for sale, and if it is, they're asking well over $250,000 USD.

My budget for a new name is $100,000 USD for something generic dot COM that can be used for classifieds, auctions and freelance services.

If you know or have any suggestions, let me know steven@freebay.com

Until next time fellow FREEBAY followers


February 24, 2009 - Thoughts & Worries...
Will eBay™ crush my dreams through lawsuits because they fear competitors taking away from their profits?

Will eBay™ show their true colors to the public? Kind of like how bullies are in school playgrounds but instead of playgrounds its a corporate world with blank checks to lawyers? Has anyone heard of Anti-Trust laws? Has anyone visited freebay.com and thought they were on ebay.com through confusion?

Is this the end or the beginning of the newest rival in the marketplace?

Yeah, thats what we figured too, back to planning...

February 24, 2009 - FREEBAY.com Domain Acquired, Plans Begin!
Sorting through the plans and dreams of owning this domain since 2002. I once was a young business man with dreams. Now those dreams have been answered through several successful years in business. I was fortunate to acquire this domain. So the dream begins.

I remember as if 2002 was yesterday, the dreams to make an all-in-one auctions, classifieds, services and more type website. I would imagine all kind of interesting features, designs of appearance, to the type of security it offered to both its buyers and sellers, to even allowing sellers post for free with a really small commission shall their goods sell.

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